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Schools, this bit's for you!

How you can become an Ultimate Telecom School

Ultimate Telecom is working with schools in the area, to help subsidise on-premise telephony & IP cost's by utilising a cash back service, benefitting the parents, and also the school.

How much work does the School have to do?

The good news is very little! With Ultimate Telecom, switching suppliers from your existing incumbent to us is easy, and involves no downtime. We guarantee to not only give you the same service as before, but it may even be a lower price giving you potentially a cost saving straight away! There's no number to change, no complex forms to sign, and we move you over out of hours, so you barely notice anything is different!

What we ask however, is you write to the parents of the pupils attending your school & invite them to change their telephony provider at home. They will have the SAME GUARANTEE AS YOU that the price is the same or even lower! The bonus is up to 10% of the telecom bill spent by all the parents who sign up, is paid as a cash back payment straight to your school!

That mean's on average, for every student in your school you will receive around £2.50 per month payment. Put another way, for every 100 pupils in the school whose parents you sign up, will work up to approx £3000 per year in cash back!

Let's just re-iterate the parents DO NOT SPEND ANY MORE AT ALL. At the very worst, their bills stay the same but at best, they too will receive a discount.


You can click below to sign up and we recommend you send out annual reminders to parents recommending they sign up & of course, any new students to your school should also receive a letter advising them of this amazing new scheme! Contact us, and we'll send you a sample letter pack for FREE!

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