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Parents, this bit's for you!

How Ultimate Telecom Can Help Your Child's School

Talking to a number of Schools in the area, the high cost of Telephony & IP services were one of the commonly cited causes of high costs in Schools. Ultimate Telecom have a number of parents working for the company, who are interested in putting something back into the community, and subsequently, are proud to announce 'Ultimate Telecom Schools'

What is Ultimate Telecom Doing?

Ultimate Telecom care about supporting the community & also supporting the Schools who educate the next generation! What Ultimate Telecom have done is devoted an arm of the company to specialise in IP & Telephony services, leveraging over a decade of experience in the industry, to provide not only Schools but parents with a range of affordable Telephony services such as;

  • Fixed Lines
  • Voice Calls
  • Broadband
  • Mobiles
  • Equipment & Maintenance

Earn money for your child's school without doing a thing (and without it costing you a penny)

Ultimate Telecom aren't running a voucher collection scheme forcing customers to switch Supermarkets or spend time fund raising. Ultimate Telecom are doing something much simpler!

Anyone whose children go to a participating Ultimate Telecom School, and subsequently agrees and signs up with Ultimate Telecom for their telephony services at home, will not only seamlessly be transferred to Ultimate Telecom's network with no fuss, and certainley not be paying any more than your present provider, but a percentage of the bill spent on home telephone costs each month, will be given to the school!

How Does This Cash Back for Schools Scheme Work?

  • When the school becomes a member of the ‘Ultimate Family’, every Parent, Member of Staff, Supplier, or Governor has the opportunity to sign-up under their school allowing Ultimate Telecom to provide them with the same services as the school.
  • Once a month those individuals or affiliated companies will receive an invoice and according to their call spend Ultimate Telecom will put 10% back into the school they are signed up with.

This will be a ‘win win’ situation for the school as they will be saving on their telecom budgets, as well as receiving a cash back on a monthly basis to improve on those budgets that have been affected by the government.

This allows the schools to subsidise those future school trips that are very important to child development and favours those parents that are less fortunate to pay for these trips.

What if my child's school knows nothing of this scheme? No Problem!

We encourage you to let the school know about Ultimate Telecom & this scheme. You can even download a sample letter & send it in to them. We can then work with the school & get them signed up.

For further information please contact our Sales Team at: sales@ultimate-telecom.co.uk

You can download the contract for parents, here.


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