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About Ultimate Telecom

Ultimate Telecom has been started with a vision to be the very best business facilitator. We help businesses be better using the latest technology, cutting edge solutions & innovative advice. We know about business, & we can help you. We are also a few things;



To move to Ultimate Telecom, you don't even need to change your telephone number. We'll handle everything in the background to ensure a seamless switchover & help you start cost saving straight away!

We don't need to install any onsite equipment. No boxes whirring away in the corner, using your valuable electricity, and your not quite sure what they actually do!

We ensure there's absolutely no loss of business or downtime to you, the most important part of the jigsaw! Using the latest backbone infrastructure we can also ensure call quality is exceptional at all times, with 100 percent connectivity!



We always deliver a flexible and personalised service to each client. Nothing is off the shelf or turn-key, your business is unique, & so is your telephony. We ensure all your business needs are met.

We use a completely new approach to e-business, ensuring your requirements are always met to exceptionally high standards. We work with you when you need to change, & our solutions always accomodate growth & scalability. Our service is delivered modular, meaning we can tailor our approach to you, using the very best partners, technology & people to create the best solution for your business needs.



We know the ability to reduce call costs is vital to almost every business. From single line exchanges to systems servicing hundreds of employee's. Ultimate Telecom route all calls via our network, giving you the opportunity of immediate savings without having to install any on site equipment. In fact, the only difference you'll notice are that the call charges for local, national & international & mobile calls will be SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED!

We are the Ultimate Group


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